Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Post! o__O

Hoookay, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and put up a sketchblog for myself. Some of my buddies have them and I thought it looked like a pretty cool idea. Why not? There will probably be quite a few of these sketch dump things. So enjoy them, and uh...I'll try not to babble excessively. ^___^

First off, posting some old stuff because I really haven't sketched anything new lately that hasn't been commission work. And here I am procrastinating instead of actually working on said commissions. Bah.

So this is an ooooold pic, but for some reason I still like the way it looks. I do believe it was done in 2003 sometime. But yeah, dunno if it's the hair or the eyes or what. *shrug*

Hahahahahaha, didn't realize my signature is backward on this one. Another old pic. Um I think I flipped it after I scanned it because his wing (yes he only has one) was supposed to be on the opposite side from the side I originally drew it on. If that makes any sense whatsoever. Finbar is a very tragic character from a series of books I read by Juliet Marillier called the Sevenwaters Trilogy. Good stuff.

'Nother old one. You can kinda tell if you can see my sig at all because it's got an M instead of a C which dates it before my last name got changed. This is my LOTR fanchar Teriah. Still like the idea of this, though I may go back and do a redraw sometime.

Haha, more LOTR fanarts. The guy in the background is Glorfindel, who is actually an LOTR character and all that, so he obviously doesn't belong to me. The lady in front is Morwen and she is mine. Not sure exactly what I originally intended to be going on in this, though I did want some type of gardeny scene for it. Never got around to finishing the thing. Still love her dress though. Behold my green sketchy underneath pencils!

So these two weren't actually supposed to be actual characters. Ok, that doesn't make sense, but anyway...the story is that one of my DeviantART peoples wanted to color something of mine, so I gave him an old pic of these two. Well, he named the characters and gave them really interesting hair/eye colors. So I sort of kept them and drew another picture. The girl is Ireth and the guy is Tuor. Though I can't remember their full names off the top of my head. Not sure why I decided to give Ireth wings, but they look pretty!

Dicentra! Which is actually the scientific name for the Bleeding Heart flower, or bush or plant or whatever it is. My grandmother has them in her yard so that's why I claimed that particular plant for her. She's a Calanthra, which is a type of fantasy race that's from my days back in the Private Exchange. If you have NO idea what I'm talking about, don't worry, you're not missing anything important. Still like this one too, never got the chance to do anything with it.

This one isn't quite so old maybe. Date says 2006. These are D'Rib characters, which is another one of those fantasy races someone made up. They're based on birds. So here you have Nightengale (the female) and Heron (the male). Yeahhh, this is just one of the many SAPPY AS HELL pictures that I've drawn. Would like to do something with this one day...but in all honesty I don't know if I'll get to it. Nightengale belongs to my buddy Lee who is afreakingmazing herself.

This was supposed to be kinda a "thank you for 13,000 views" on my DeviantART page. Of course I never finished the thing, and by the time I thought about it, well I was wayyyy past 13k and uneven numbers just didn't seem right. I've since stopped paying attention to views. But yeah, SilverCat is one of my muses, and so is the fuzzy guy. Playing around with armor for her I guess?

Ok, that's enough of a sketch dump for my first post, I'll probably do more as I think of it. But yeah, any comments? Feel free to post 'em. :)


L. Mynatt said...

I hope you do end up doing something with that picture of Morwen (?) on the balcony. You could have an awesome night sky scene there. Or maybe snow. Somehow it comes across as cool/blue.

I also dig the clothes you gave your fairy couple there- I can see it as a May Day celebration.

Still love the Gale/Heron and Dicentra sketches. <3333

Gaia Gandolfo said...

Hi Ruth! It's great to know you have a blog too XD