Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last post for today...

Because this just needed its own post. I was going through old sketchbooks and found this half-finished in one of them. I have no idea where the idea came from, but it amuses me greatly and I just had to put it up. I give you....MEDIEVAL BATMAN!!!

Unavisi Sketches

Okay, so for those of you who don't know (or aren't already part of the community) the Unavisi are created by Brianne Goetz. It is an invitation only community, and while we (the members) always appreciate art based on our characters, Unavisi are not open for you to openly create your own. That being said...on to the arts!This is my Wanderer character Lion (who is based on...*gasp* a lion), and I had this image of him lounging in the grass. I will finish the colors on this eventually, when I actually get motivated to color. I think that's the thing I have the hardest time with.

This is Ironwood, on the day of his lifemating to Carambola (who belongs to my friend Apis). I wanted him to look really pretty, and I would like to color this at some point.

And last (but never least) this is Jostaberry. He's a bard and plays a myriad of different instruments, his favorite of which is the lute. I suppose he's the Unavisi version of a rock star, and he definitely acts like it. Another color WIP that I intend to finish someday. Haha, all of these have been my boys, didn't do that on purpose! XD

Aaaaand another sketchdump...

Found more random sketches and whatnot in my files and figured maybe I should upload them somewhere so people can see. Even if I don't finish them. Haha, so here you go.
Nico (who belongs to my friend Lee) and his daughter Seph who are from our pirate storyline. Just felt like doing a cute daddy/daughter pic and I really like how it turned out. May end up coloring this someday. Here's a pic of Seph when she's older. Another one I may end up coloring, or not, don't know yet. Anyway she's a pirate too like her parents. ;)

More pirates! From left to right we have Arn, Bran, Toddy, and Sasha. Toddy and Sasha belong to Lee, the boys are mine. Really really rough sketch that I eventually plan on inking at least. It's got some issues, but I figure I'll get around to changing stuff eventually.

And another pirate pic. This is Kala, also known as the Blood Phoenix. Wanted to showcase her tattoo which is a red phoenix. She's definitely tough, and I really enjoy her as a character. Haha...oooooold! I was messing around when I was going to art school with re-designing some of my old Star Wars RP characters into a medieval/fantasy type setting. This is Treven Silvershadow (though I think I changed his last name, but I don't remember what I changed it to).Another old pic. This is Vance and Shirith, one of my Star Wars OC couples. She's supposed to be preggers at this point, don't know if you can tell. And the little winged kitty shows up a lot, I call them Force cats. Just a little thing I tossed in when I was RPing these two.
More old Star Wars RP characters. This is my Sith Priestess, Keira. She's definitely gone through a lot of evolution in her design, but I think I like this one best.I'm bombarding this post with Star Wars stuff apparently. Faine was a character I ended up creating for a Private Exchange Create-a-Character thing. I wanted to display her knives here I think. I love her tattoo, it's supposed to be beta fish.
Haha this one sorta has a background! Another Star Wars OC, she's the princess of a planet that I made up. Haha. Anyway, I caught Lilia in a serious moment. She's regretting some things, mostly not fighting harder to stay with the man she's in love with.
Aaaand more posts to come, just didn't want to put too many pics all in one. Enjoy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The New She-Ra

Ok, so she's not the new She-Ra in any official capacity, but she is as far as the AU storyline with the OC's Lee and I have been playing with is concerned. This is Miradis (Mira), who becomes She-Ra when she picks up the Sword of Power. So she's not Adora, which is why she's got light brown hair and blue-green eyes instead. But yeah, did the sketch and it was demanded that I color it. And I give you the copic colors!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bahahaha, sketchdump!

So hahaha, I actually had a day off and I spent it sketching. More stuff for my sketchblog yaaaaay! *coff* Ok so half of it wasn't what I was supposed to be doing, but two of them were. 2 out of 5 is good right? Anyway, you're here for the art, so here is!

This one is for Ren, my half of a trade with her. The female is Mikayla (she's a vampire woot!), and the male is Dellinger. Hot stuffs if you ask me. Hehe. I found the pose and I was like OOOH! *cackles* Must color now.

So I haven't drawn these two in a long time, and figured it was overdue. They're very near and dear to my heart because I've had them for a long time. So I give you Vance and Shirith (oooold Star Wars RP characters that I still love dearly) as they're aging together. Haha, I drew old people, I don't hardly ever do that!

I'm a sap, I freaking know it, and this just is more proof. So this is Dacia (mine) and Jason (Lee's), caught in a tender moment. Yeah Dacia's pregs, and it kinda conicides with what we're playing around with. They're from our Vampire storyline. ^___^

Another pair from the Vampire storyline. This is Taliesin (Tal) and Miyah. I'm imagining this is probably somewhere early on in their relationship, maybe even the first time she bites him. Found the pose and it just seemed to fit them. They're very sweet. (CAVITIES!)

Linework for a commission (see! I told you I was working on stuff I'm supposed to as well) for Molly. These are her Signum Fas characters Dah'nan and Candy. They're so sweet together. Hahaha more sap! I am the sap tree, I rain my sap down on you!

Orion and Lari being playful. They do this a lot, he likes to distract her from her work in the lab. These two are also from the same Vampire storyline that Tal/Miyah and Dacia/Jason are from. I think that Ori is a naughty boy more often than not. *cackles*

Aaaand that concludes my sketchdump. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


So I'm SUPPOSED to be doing commissions. Oops. I get sidetracked easy, what can I say. Been reading through logs of old RP's and whatnot. We did a whole She-Ra AU (Alternate Universe) thing and it was tons of fun. Got it in my head to do a new sketchy of my version of the "new" She-Ra for the RP. So not what I should be doing. Will ink and probably color with copics later.


So an exercise, but it's a sketch - SKETCHERSISE! *coff*

Sooo, the stipulations on this were -

~you will draw a female

~she will have short hair

~a tattoo

~you will randomly set your iTunes to shuffle and try to illustrate her emotions via what the song lyrics are

Sooooo, here's my char Shau. She's got two tattoos, but I really didn't think there would be an objection. The songs that came up were Jackson Browne - Late for the Sky, and Jon McLaughlin - Amelia's missing.

Here's the pic:

First Post! o__O

Hoookay, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and put up a sketchblog for myself. Some of my buddies have them and I thought it looked like a pretty cool idea. Why not? There will probably be quite a few of these sketch dump things. So enjoy them, and uh...I'll try not to babble excessively. ^___^

First off, posting some old stuff because I really haven't sketched anything new lately that hasn't been commission work. And here I am procrastinating instead of actually working on said commissions. Bah.

So this is an ooooold pic, but for some reason I still like the way it looks. I do believe it was done in 2003 sometime. But yeah, dunno if it's the hair or the eyes or what. *shrug*

Hahahahahaha, didn't realize my signature is backward on this one. Another old pic. Um I think I flipped it after I scanned it because his wing (yes he only has one) was supposed to be on the opposite side from the side I originally drew it on. If that makes any sense whatsoever. Finbar is a very tragic character from a series of books I read by Juliet Marillier called the Sevenwaters Trilogy. Good stuff.

'Nother old one. You can kinda tell if you can see my sig at all because it's got an M instead of a C which dates it before my last name got changed. This is my LOTR fanchar Teriah. Still like the idea of this, though I may go back and do a redraw sometime.

Haha, more LOTR fanarts. The guy in the background is Glorfindel, who is actually an LOTR character and all that, so he obviously doesn't belong to me. The lady in front is Morwen and she is mine. Not sure exactly what I originally intended to be going on in this, though I did want some type of gardeny scene for it. Never got around to finishing the thing. Still love her dress though. Behold my green sketchy underneath pencils!

So these two weren't actually supposed to be actual characters. Ok, that doesn't make sense, but anyway...the story is that one of my DeviantART peoples wanted to color something of mine, so I gave him an old pic of these two. Well, he named the characters and gave them really interesting hair/eye colors. So I sort of kept them and drew another picture. The girl is Ireth and the guy is Tuor. Though I can't remember their full names off the top of my head. Not sure why I decided to give Ireth wings, but they look pretty!

Dicentra! Which is actually the scientific name for the Bleeding Heart flower, or bush or plant or whatever it is. My grandmother has them in her yard so that's why I claimed that particular plant for her. She's a Calanthra, which is a type of fantasy race that's from my days back in the Private Exchange. If you have NO idea what I'm talking about, don't worry, you're not missing anything important. Still like this one too, never got the chance to do anything with it.

This one isn't quite so old maybe. Date says 2006. These are D'Rib characters, which is another one of those fantasy races someone made up. They're based on birds. So here you have Nightengale (the female) and Heron (the male). Yeahhh, this is just one of the many SAPPY AS HELL pictures that I've drawn. Would like to do something with this one day...but in all honesty I don't know if I'll get to it. Nightengale belongs to my buddy Lee who is afreakingmazing herself.

This was supposed to be kinda a "thank you for 13,000 views" on my DeviantART page. Of course I never finished the thing, and by the time I thought about it, well I was wayyyy past 13k and uneven numbers just didn't seem right. I've since stopped paying attention to views. But yeah, SilverCat is one of my muses, and so is the fuzzy guy. Playing around with armor for her I guess?

Ok, that's enough of a sketch dump for my first post, I'll probably do more as I think of it. But yeah, any comments? Feel free to post 'em. :)