Saturday, July 19, 2008

Aaaaand another sketchdump...

Found more random sketches and whatnot in my files and figured maybe I should upload them somewhere so people can see. Even if I don't finish them. Haha, so here you go.
Nico (who belongs to my friend Lee) and his daughter Seph who are from our pirate storyline. Just felt like doing a cute daddy/daughter pic and I really like how it turned out. May end up coloring this someday. Here's a pic of Seph when she's older. Another one I may end up coloring, or not, don't know yet. Anyway she's a pirate too like her parents. ;)

More pirates! From left to right we have Arn, Bran, Toddy, and Sasha. Toddy and Sasha belong to Lee, the boys are mine. Really really rough sketch that I eventually plan on inking at least. It's got some issues, but I figure I'll get around to changing stuff eventually.

And another pirate pic. This is Kala, also known as the Blood Phoenix. Wanted to showcase her tattoo which is a red phoenix. She's definitely tough, and I really enjoy her as a character. Haha...oooooold! I was messing around when I was going to art school with re-designing some of my old Star Wars RP characters into a medieval/fantasy type setting. This is Treven Silvershadow (though I think I changed his last name, but I don't remember what I changed it to).Another old pic. This is Vance and Shirith, one of my Star Wars OC couples. She's supposed to be preggers at this point, don't know if you can tell. And the little winged kitty shows up a lot, I call them Force cats. Just a little thing I tossed in when I was RPing these two.
More old Star Wars RP characters. This is my Sith Priestess, Keira. She's definitely gone through a lot of evolution in her design, but I think I like this one best.I'm bombarding this post with Star Wars stuff apparently. Faine was a character I ended up creating for a Private Exchange Create-a-Character thing. I wanted to display her knives here I think. I love her tattoo, it's supposed to be beta fish.
Haha this one sorta has a background! Another Star Wars OC, she's the princess of a planet that I made up. Haha. Anyway, I caught Lilia in a serious moment. She's regretting some things, mostly not fighting harder to stay with the man she's in love with.
Aaaand more posts to come, just didn't want to put too many pics all in one. Enjoy!

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