Monday, August 4, 2008

So I can't seem to do anything else... here I am again posting old sketches. Fwheee! At least you get something to look at, yeah? Anyway, bombarding you with a big SKETCHDUMP! Muahahahahahahaaa...

One of my babies from the Nephilim storyline, this is Deidre (Dee) and she's the daughter of my character Darin (who is a Necromancer) and Bella (Lee's witch character). This is one of those attempts to draw solely in photoshop. Want to color, dunno if I'll get to it in this century.

Pretty angel boy! *coff* This was a birthday gift for my friend Emily, her 21st b-day actually which was last year sometime. Old pic. I did like how the colors came out on it though.

'Nother old b-day gift. This one was for Julie. I asked her what she wanted and she asked for herself (it's a pretty good likeness of her actually - without her glasses) and Jack Sparrow. I realized too late that I think I forgot some of his tats and scars and stuff, but ah well, I'm not going to go back and fix it now.

One of my chars I've had around for a while. This is Kata. She's the lead singer in a band (called Phantasm) and I really love her. I'm not sure what possessed me to draw her in something lingerie-ish, but I like the pose. I can not draw guitars for crap, just so you know.

Another crappy guitar attempt! FWROAR! Err, acoustic this time. Kata again, but mostly I just wanted to draw the boots.

Another Kata pic. Haha, I think I she invaded my brain or something. Anyway this is her and Lee's Zeke. We had them paired up for a fun little run of RP and I just wanted to draw something sweet with them napping. If I get this done ever it's going in my sleep series.

Aidan DiRossio belongs to Lee. He's one of her characters from our Nephilim RP and he's one of the Nephilim. Aidan was rather grumpy about the whole idea at first. This is one of those random sketches I did at work and it actually turned out decent so I decided to scan it.

And another character from the Nephilim storyline. This is Shaundra. I think I've put up other sketches of her before. She's missing her lip ring in this one, I have no idea how I forgot it, and her tattoos aren't present either. Ah well, maybe if I color it I'll add that stuff in. That's Glim on her shoulder, he's her little dragonhawk pet.

Last is Talus. One of my friends at work is absolutely nuts about anything Greek or Roman or what have you. So for her birthday I did her this pic of my Greek character Talus. (Of course this is before he has the unfortunate accident of losing one of his eyes in battle and all kinds of other fun traumatic stuff.)