Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bahahaha, sketchdump!

So hahaha, I actually had a day off and I spent it sketching. More stuff for my sketchblog yaaaaay! *coff* Ok so half of it wasn't what I was supposed to be doing, but two of them were. 2 out of 5 is good right? Anyway, you're here for the art, so here is!

This one is for Ren, my half of a trade with her. The female is Mikayla (she's a vampire woot!), and the male is Dellinger. Hot stuffs if you ask me. Hehe. I found the pose and I was like OOOH! *cackles* Must color now.

So I haven't drawn these two in a long time, and figured it was overdue. They're very near and dear to my heart because I've had them for a long time. So I give you Vance and Shirith (oooold Star Wars RP characters that I still love dearly) as they're aging together. Haha, I drew old people, I don't hardly ever do that!

I'm a sap, I freaking know it, and this just is more proof. So this is Dacia (mine) and Jason (Lee's), caught in a tender moment. Yeah Dacia's pregs, and it kinda conicides with what we're playing around with. They're from our Vampire storyline. ^___^

Another pair from the Vampire storyline. This is Taliesin (Tal) and Miyah. I'm imagining this is probably somewhere early on in their relationship, maybe even the first time she bites him. Found the pose and it just seemed to fit them. They're very sweet. (CAVITIES!)

Linework for a commission (see! I told you I was working on stuff I'm supposed to as well) for Molly. These are her Signum Fas characters Dah'nan and Candy. They're so sweet together. Hahaha more sap! I am the sap tree, I rain my sap down on you!

Orion and Lari being playful. They do this a lot, he likes to distract her from her work in the lab. These two are also from the same Vampire storyline that Tal/Miyah and Dacia/Jason are from. I think that Ori is a naughty boy more often than not. *cackles*

Aaaand that concludes my sketchdump. Enjoy!

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L. Mynatt said...

Well you know I love all the vamps sketches and such, they rock. But I have to admit, Vance and Shirith are my absolute fave out of all of the sketches. They're probably my fave couple of yours. They just fit so well together. <333