Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some random stuff...

...because Lee said I needed to update. XD

Well, I guess these are a few things (not many mind you, I haven't really been working on much). But I figured she was right and I should update this thing just so that you people won't think I'm dead or anything.

First picture is a pair of RP characters that Lee and I have been playing around with. Josh and Mae. Figured I ought to draw a pic of them and got the itch to draw something. Still a work in progress.

Second is something I liked the idea of, now I'm just figuring out colors and whatnot. So you get another WIP! Yeah, not sure where this came from exactly, but I kinda like it.

Last is something that Ren drew for me as a commission/tradey kind of thing. She did the lines and I felt like coloring something out of a need for some catharsis. Besides, the pic is just entirely too amusing, I couldn't resist! Isaac and Gwen are pirate characters from an RP Lee and I did.

That's pretty much all for now. I'll try and post more as I get something worthwhile to look at.

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L. Mynatt said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous work on the Death girl. The details in her hair and her feathers are wonderful. And it has a kinda of Celtic feel- they're the ones with the goddess with the ravens, right? Can't remember her name atm.